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Our constant passion to find and attain excellence allows us to develop innovative treatments on the five continents, as well as to meet unmet medical needs of people, families and health professionals.







What We Are

"Born in India... Working Globally"

Exeltis is an Indian company formed by collaboration of CHEMO Group, a Spain based Integrated Healthcare Multinational Company and Ordain Healthcare, a Chennai based Pharmaceutical Formulations Company.

A Brief Introduction about the Company

Ordain Healthcare is a 16 year old company marketing niche brand oral dosage formulations. It is also the fastest growing company having a large human resource, effective sales force, well organized marketing set up and also a strong distribution network across the country.

CHEMO is a 35 years old International Healthcare Company headquartered in Madrid(Spain). Their main offices are also present in Lugano (Spain) and Buenos Aires (Argentina). CHEMO also has its offices spread across Europe, America, Asia and Africa. They deliver specialized solutions in the Healthcare space, be it manufacturing, R&D, sales and marketing. CHEMO markets a wide range of value adding Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Finished Dosage Forms (FDF) and Branded Pharmaceuticals, both for human and animal health. They commit to providing "Continuous Improvement of Healthcare and Quality of Life".

The Corporate Plant

The main synergistic business areas of CHEMO are Industrial, Branded and Biotech products. Our three strategic business units are named as Intenz, Espritz and Perzista, which markets to over 100000 doctors who are specialized in various domains like Cardiology, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Diabetology, Child Health and more.

The Team

There are over 4000 professionals working for CHEMO in over 40 countries, out of which there are about 1100 highly qualified and committed Sales Individuals, Marketing Professionals and Research Experts. Our company has 14 state-of-the-art facilities, 12 specialised R&D centres, 12 commercial offices and 40 affiliates. We serve 1150 customers across the globe. We have also recently commissioned a World Class state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D plan for Non-Betalactum oral dosage forms. The plant has the capacity to product close to 1.20 billion tablets and it is located near the city of Chennai (India).

Both the CHEMO and Ordain group has a combined 48 years of global expertise in the healthcare niche and we are well poised to be the leader in manufacturing and marketing of High Quality Pharmaceutical Products.

Contract Business

For any kind of service contracts related to manufacturing, development or commercial healthcare solutions, Exeltis (India) is your one stop destination. We offer comprehensive service for drug formulation, manufacturing and analytical development for pharmaceutical industries. Our services are not limited to pre-formulation, formulation development, stability studies, analytical method development, validation, method transfer, scale-up, commercial production, process validation and formal stability.