For an uninterrupted process of our Electrical system, Mechanical system, Steam compressed air and Allied engineering requirements, a state-of-the-art sophisticated and detailed engineering of the plant is designed. This helps in support for manufacturing requirements of all the mentioned aspects. Here is a detailed overview of how our plant is engineered


Exclusive service plant room for placing 19 AHUs and 10 FDV provides Air supply at designed class 10,000 and class 100,000 besides temperature and humidity for the entire facility.

Dedicated Air Handling Units are provided for each process area to prevent cross contamination.

The AHUs are designed with Fine filter of 99% efficiency and HEPA filter of 99.97% efficiency to attain the required classification of the area.

AHU validation parameters like Filter Integrity test, Airflow pattern, Recovery, Particle count, Air-changes and Air velocity are established during validation and the revalidation program in regular frequency as part of the environmental monitoring quality norms.


The water plant is designed to deliver Purified water complying with the USP.

The water plant has primary and secondary treatment using Ultra-Filtration, Two pass RO system, EDI unit and UV radiation.

Purified Water is distributed continuously through loop system, to avoid microbial contamination.

As a stringent quality process the outlet water is sampled for chemical and microbiological testing at individual sampling points of pre-treatment, secondary treatment and in the loop system.

A well-established sanitization and quality monitoring program is in place, to maintain the integrity of Purified Water for storage and distribution on a continual basis.