Our unique state-of-the-art production unit has the capacity to product over a billion capsules annually. This target cannot be hit without proper processes, equipment, qualified professionals and facilities. Here are some key aspects of the Exeltis Production unit

The production facility is designed to manufacture non-beta lactum oral solid dosage forms.

The Installed capacity of the equipment can deliver 1.20 Billion tablets / Capsules annually.

The state of art Production processfrom Granulation, compression, capsulation, coating and packing area is equipped with advanced manufacturing technology containing automated and PLC based sophisticated equipment as per CGMP - global standard.

All process areas are designed to meet the temperature below 26 degree Celsius and RH below 60 %.

The production section is designed for all batch and lot sizes ranging from 15kg to 300Kg.

The compression sections are designed to deliver up to 2.5 million tablets a day and are designed to match the varied product requirements with respect to speed and size including the D tooling and Bi layered options.

Packing section is equipped to handle all the packing requirements from Alu / Alu, Blisters, strip and HDPE packing.

Barcoding on Primary & Secondary packing is an additional feature to meet the global packing standards.

Packing machines are compatible with inspection camera for detection of defective tablets.