One important aspect of business that should not go out of control is the quality. We at Exeltis consider Quality as the heart of our business. We never compromise on the quality of our products and the process systems. Have a look below at how we manage our quality control process happens

The Quality Control lab is the heart of our entire quality process where Exclusive chemical labs, Instrumentation and Microbiology labs are provided for the testing of API, Excipients, Packaging, In-process materials and Finished Drug products.

Entire Quality control processes are carried out as per the norms of Good Laboratory Practices.

The Quality Control Lab is furnished with sophisticated, automated and most ultra-modern apparatus including UV Spectrophotometer, GC, HPLC, FTIR, Auto Titrator and TOC Analyzer.

A dedicated, classified Microbiology area for microbial analysis and periodical monitoring is set up to achieve the environmental compliance as per the GMP norms.

Three numbers of each 8000 litres Walk-in Stability Chamber as per ICH specification ensures continuous review of stability data throughout the shelf life of each product.

The 24/7 Air conditioned retention sample room ensures each batch of the products throughout the shelf life is stored under prescribed storage conditions for quality audit at any time.